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What Is 1 Percent Athletes

1 Percent Athletes is the fastest growing Athletic Recruiting Company in the world. It all started with Coach Troy Cagle, a former athlete at the NCAA D2 level, who has dedicated the better part of 10 years to the athletic recruiting space, changing the lives of countless student athletes along the way.

Coach Troy began his journey by working directly with high-school athletes in his local community. He had a remarkable outreach strategy that shook things up by getting athletes offers in less than 24 hours. But his expertise didn't stop at sports; he also had an in-depth understanding of the college recruiting process.

Seeing the impact he was making, Coach Troy decided to develop a platform that would empower student athletes and their families to take control of their recruiting process. He created a range of courses, game-changing products, and services to make the journey easier and more successful for these aspiring athletes.

At 1 Percent Athletes, we firmly believe that recruiting should be enjoyable, rather than a stressful and heart-wrenching experience. That's why our slogan, "Recruiting Made Easy," reflects our commitment to simplifying the process for every athlete. With our extensive knowledge and resources, we strive to ensure that every student athlete can confidently navigate the recruiting landscape and achieve their dreams of playing college sports while getting a great education.


It takes athletes months to accomplish what we can do in a few days. Gaining more exposure than 5 star athletes in a fraction of the time.

A Message From Our Founder

When I graduated high school, I lacked interest from college coaches and scholarship offers. Realizing I needed to take control of my recruiting journey, I developed a game-changing strategy. In just a week, I received 10 offers and committed to NCAA D2 Young Harris College.

Despite being told it was impossible, my platform has helped thousands of families break records in recruiting success and empowered coaches to navigate the recruiting landscape effortlessly. Together, we ensure that student-athletes get the opportunities they deserve.

My mission is to increase the number of student-athletes going to college for sports each year. I believe in true commitment to one's craft and education. Although my own dream was cut short by injuries, I run 1 Percent Athletes as an anchor to that dream. I am determined to help athletes and families reach their full potential in education and sports. Our clients are an integral part of the 1 Percent Athletes family, not just clients.

I am thrilled to have already made an impact on the world. My team and I at 1 Percent Athletes are committed to working harder than anyone else, day and night, to help student-athletes and their families achieve their goals. I lead by example, never asking anyone to do something I haven't done myself. The key is investing in the right people to guide you towards your goals, supporting you every step of the way.

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Coach Troy

Founder and Owner of 1 Percent Athletes

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