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Jalisa Walker

Sport: Women's Basketball

Graduation Year: 2025

Current GPA: 4.0

Position 1: SF

Position 2: PF

Height: 5'11"

SAT: 1400

High School Name: Pineywoods Community Academy



Twitter: @JalisaW2323

State: Texas

Country: United States


Points per game: 19

Assists per game: 4

Rebounds per game: 8

Steals per game: 5

Blocks per game: 1.3


Athletic Awards/Accolades:

  • Newcomer of the Year

  • All-District Team

  • District MVP

  • All-Region Team

  • Defensive Player of the Year (MULTIPLE)

Academic Awards/Accolades:

  • All-District Academic Team

  • Top 10 in Class

  • Multiple Community Service Awards

  • Leadership Awards from local church, nursing home, and Boys and Girls Club


Jalisa Walker is not just a talented athlete but also a natural leader both on and off the court. Her exceptional leadership skills are evident in her ability to unite teammates from diverse backgrounds and inspire them towards a common goal. She fosters a supportive team environment where every member feels valued, contributing to enhanced team cohesion and performance.

On the court, Jalisa excels in translating her coach's strategies into effective game plans. She demonstrates a deep understanding of team dynamics and game strategy, making strategic decisions that benefit the team as a whole. Her basketball IQ allows her to anticipate plays, adjust tactics on the fly, and lead by example during critical moments of the game.

Beyond athletics, Jalisa's commitment to community service and academic achievement sets her apart. She actively participates in various community initiatives, demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility and empathy. Her academic excellence reflects her dedication to personal growth and discipline, further enhancing her leadership qualities both on and off the court.

Jalisa's athletic abilities are complemented by her strong academic record, showcasing her ability to balance rigorous academics with high-level athletics. Her versatility on the court as a Small Forward and Power Forward, coupled with her consistent performance statistics, makes her a desirable recruit for collegiate basketball programs looking for a well-rounded player who can contribute immediately.

Overall, Jalisa Walker's combination of leadership, strategic acumen, community engagement, academic excellence, and athletic talent makes her a standout prospect for collegiate basketball programs seeking a versatile and driven student-athlete. Her potential to make a significant impact, both athletically and academically, positions her as a valuable addition to any team committed to success on and off the court.

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