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Name: Deryk Farmer

Twitter: @farmer_deryk

Sport: Football/Basketball

Football Positions: QB/S/OLB/WR

Basketball Position: Guard

Grad Year: 2026

GPA: 3.95

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 188 lbs



40 Time #1: 4.52

40 Time #2: 4.57

Pro Agility: 4.19

Vertical: 38.05in

Broad Jump: 8'11.5"

Football Highlights: 

Basketball Highlights:

Football Workout Footage (Click To Expand)


Speed and Versatility: Deryk Farmer exhibits impressive speed and versatility on both the football field and basketball court. His quick acceleration and agility allow him to outrun defenders and adapt to various positions, providing strategic flexibility and matchup advantages in both sports.

Strength and Size: Despite his agility, Deryk possesses notable strength and size, enabling him to power through tackles on the football field and outmuscle opponents on the basketball court. His physicality contributes to his effectiveness in blocking situations in football and in the paint in basketball.

Football IQ and Basketball IQ: Deryk demonstrates a high IQ in both football and basketball, making smart decisions and reading the game well on both offense and defense. He recognizes defensive schemes, exploits openings, and anticipates plays, showcasing his understanding of the nuances of both sports.

Finishing and Defense: In basketball, Deryk excels in finishing around the rim and through contact, utilizing his strength and athleticism to convert difficult shots. Additionally, he showcases tenacity and defensive prowess, disrupting opponents' plays and contesting shots effectively on both ends of the court.

High Academic Standing: In addition to his on-field and on-court abilities, Deryk maintains a high academic standing, reflecting his commitment to excellence both athletically and academically. His dedication to his studies underscores his discipline, work ethic, and ability to balance the demands of athletics and academics.

Overall, Deryk Farmer is a dynamic athlete with a diverse skill set that translates seamlessly between football and basketball. His combination of speed, versatility, strength, IQ, academic excellence, finishing ability, and defensive prowess makes him a valuable asset to any team in both sports. Whether on the gridiron or the hardwood, Deryk's contributions are sure to make a significant impact on both offense and defense.

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