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Name: Xavier Burks

Twitter: @xavierburks2007

Sport: Football

Position: RB/LB

Grad Year: 2025

GPA: 2.6

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 213 lbs

ACT Score: 15


Rushing Yards - 1065

Yards per Carry - 7.8 YPC

Touchdowns - 14

Highlights And Contact Information

Highlights: Watch Here



Speed: Xavier Burks exhibits impressive speed on the football field, allowing him to accelerate past defenders and break away for big plays. His quick burst off the line of scrimmage and agility make him a dynamic threat on both offense and defense.

Versatility: Xavier's versatility is a standout attribute, as he excels in multiple positions on both offense and defense. Whether lining up as a running back or linebacker, he adapts seamlessly to various roles, providing his team with strategic flexibility and matchup advantages.

Strength: Despite his agility, Xavier also possesses notable strength, enabling him to power through tackles and gain extra yardage after contact. His physicality allows him to excel in blocking situations, shed blockers on defense, and impose his will on the field.

Play Anticipation: Xavier demonstrates a keen ability to anticipate plays, reading the opposing team's movements and reacting quickly to disrupt plays in the backfield. His anticipation skills enable him to sniff out runs, make tackles for loss, and create turnovers with well-timed interceptions and fumble recoveries.

Ability to Penetrate the Backfield: Xavier's ability to penetrate the backfield is a valuable asset on defense, as he consistently disrupts opposing offenses with his penetration skills. Whether rushing the quarterback or plugging running lanes, he showcases excellent technique and explosiveness off the line of scrimmage.

Overall, Xavier Burks is a dynamic football player with a diverse skill set that includes speed, versatility, strength, play anticipation, and the ability to penetrate the backfield. His combination of physical prowess and football acumen makes him a valuable asset to any collegiate football program, capable of making an immediate impact on both offense and defense.

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