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Nikola Ticic

Sport: Men's Basketball


Twitter: @tica_6

Graduation Year: (Transfer) 2 Years Of Eligibility

Current GPA: 3.7

Previous College: Oakland Community College

Position 1: PF

Position 2: SF

Height: 6'8"

State: Michigan

Country: United States



Nikola Ticic is an exceptional men's basketball player, known for his versatility and high-level performance on the court. Standing at 6'8", Nikola is a formidable power forward/small forward with a robust skill set that makes him a valuable asset to any team. Currently transferring from Oakland Community College with 2 years of eligibility remaining, Nikola brings both experience and a solid academic background, maintaining a GPA of 3.7.

Nikola's strengths lie in his multi-dimensional game play. He is a proficient 3-point shooter, which makes him a constant threat on the perimeter. His ability to execute pick and pop plays and hand-offs adds a strategic element to his team's offense. In the post, Nikola's play is characterized by his physicality and smart decision-making, allowing him to effectively challenge and outmaneuver defenders.

One of Nikola's standout qualities is his high basketball IQ, which is evident in his movement without the ball and his ability to set effective screens. These attributes not only enhance his individual performance but also contribute significantly to team dynamics and overall gameplay. His international experience, including participation in the European Championship, has further refined his competitive edge and adaptability on the court.

Moreover, Nikola has had the privilege of being coached by 10-year NBA veteran Carlos Rogers, which has significantly shaped his approach to the game. This mentorship has instilled in him advanced techniques and strategies, particularly in physicality and game intelligence, preparing him well for higher levels of competition.

Nikola Ticic is a standout athlete ready to make a significant impact at the next level. His combination of shooting prowess, basketball intelligence, and international experience makes him an invaluable asset to any team looking to enhance their forward positions with a dynamic and reliable player. Coaches looking for a player with a strong work ethic, strategic play, and a competitive edge should consider Nikola Ticic as a prime candidate for their team.

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