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Luke Railo

Class: 2025

GPA: 3.1

Position 1: Point Guard (PG)

Position 2: Shooting Guard (SG)

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs

AAU/Club Team: Early Risers HGSL

State: New York

Country: United States

Twitter: @LukeRailo




Regular Season:

  • Points Per Game (PPG): 10.9

  • Assists Per Game (APG): 5.2

  • Rebounds Per Game (RPG): 2.8

  • Steals Per Game (SPG): 1.3


  • PPG: 14.3

  • RPG: 3.1

  • APG: 5.6

  • SPG: 1.6

Playoff Tournament:

  • PPG: 15

  • APG: 7

  • RPG: 2.3

  • SPG: 1.3

Athletic Accolades:

  • Team Captain

  • All-Conference Honorable Mention

  • Conference Assist Season Leader (5.2 APG)

  • Green Sea Floyd’s All-Tournament Team

  • Ranked 44th Best Point Guard in North Carolina

  • Ranked 1st in NCISAA in Assists Per Game

  • Ranked 2nd in Assists Per Game in 3A North Carolina

  • Ranked 3rd in Three-Point Makes for the Conference


  • Elite Playmaker

  • Great Teammate

  • Fiery Competitor

  • Tough and Scrappy Defender

  • Limitless Range


Luke Railo is a standout point guard and shooting guard from Early Risers HGSL, showcasing a remarkable blend of leadership, skill, and academic dedication. With a solid GPA of 3.1, Luke understands the balance between academics and athletics, demonstrating his commitment both on and off the court. His stats reflect a consistent high level of performance across regular season, conference, and playoff tournaments, with notable improvements during crucial moments, such as his increase in points and assists per game during playoff tournaments.

Luke's leadership is highlighted by his role as team captain and his numerous accolades, including being named All-Conference Honorable Mention and leading his conference in assists. His ability to perform under pressure and his ranking as one of the top point guards in North Carolina emphasize his prowess on the court.

As a quick and shifty playmaker, Luke’s strengths lie in his ability to create opportunities for his teammates while also being a scoring threat. His fiery competitiveness, coupled with his tough and scrappy defense, makes him a formidable opponent. Additionally, his limitless range and sharp shooting make him a constant threat from beyond the arc.

Luke Railo's blend of skills, leadership, and academic dedication positions him as an exceptional candidate for collegiate basketball programs looking for a dynamic and reliable player. His proven track record and dedication to the game ensure that he will continue to excel and make significant contributions to any team he joins.

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