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Kodie Gordon

Sport: Women's Basketball

Graduation Year: 2025

Current GPA: 3.0

Position 1: SG

Position 2: SF

Height: 5'7"

High School Name: Pattonville High School

AAU/Club Name: Brad Beal Elite


Twitter: @kodie_gordon

State/Province: Missouri

Country: United States

Highlights: Click to Watch Kodie's Highlights

Athletic Awards/Accolades:

  • Defensive Award

  • Most Hustle Award


Kodie Gordon is a dynamic guard-forward hybrid known for her versatile skills on the court. Standing at 5'7", she excels in both the Shooting Guard (SG) and Small Forward (SF) positions. Her game is characterized by tenacity and a strong defensive presence, making her a formidable opponent in disrupting plays and securing crucial rebounds.

Kodie's defensive prowess is highlighted by her ability to effectively guard multiple positions and contest shots. She possesses a keen basketball IQ, allowing her to anticipate plays and contribute significantly on both ends of the floor. Offensively, Kodie is known for her scoring ability and knack for driving to the basket, complemented by solid shooting from mid-range and beyond the arc.

Kodie Gordon is poised to make a significant impact at the collegiate level with her well-rounded skills, competitive spirit, and commitment to team success. Her ability to excel under pressure, coupled with her leadership qualities, positions her as an ideal candidate for collegiate basketball programs seeking a versatile and driven student-athlete.

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