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Name: Jordan Small

Twitter: @JordanSmallYnM

Sport: Men's Basketball

Position: PG/SG

Grad Year: 2025

GPA: 3.3

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 153 lbs



PPG: 10

RPG: 4.5

APG: 3.3


Jordan Small is an exceptional Men's Basketball player who showcases a multitude of strengths that make him a standout performer on the court. His defensive skills are truly remarkable, particularly in his ability to disrupt opponents by jumping passing lanes. With his quickness and speed, Jordan is a menace on defense, consistently creating turnovers and providing excellent ball pressure.

Shot-Blocking Ability: One of Jordan's standout attributes is his shot-blocking ability as a guard. This is a rare skill that sets him apart from others in his position. He exhibits great timing and instincts when contesting shots, making him a challenging opponent to navigate around in the paint.

Crafty Finishing at the Rim: When it comes to finishing at the rim, Jordan excels in traffic situations. He has a crafty finishing ability that allows him to score under pressure and navigate through defenders with ease. His ability to convert tough layups and absorb contact is impressive, making him a reliable scoring option in challenging situations.

Versatile Shooting: Another aspect of Jordan's game that stands out is his shooting. He possesses a consistent and accurate shot both from mid-range and behind the arc. This versatility in scoring expands his offensive capabilities and makes him a constant threat to opponents.

Playmaking Skills: Jordan's ability to command the offense is evident in his great court vision and exceptional passing skills. He consistently sets up his teammates for scoring opportunities by making accurate and timely passes, and his ability to read the defense and find open teammates makes him a valuable asset on the court. As a result, he leads his team in assists, showcasing his ability to facilitate the offense and create scoring opportunities for others.

Overall, Jordan Small is a well-rounded player with a wide range of strengths. His defensive prowess, shot-blocking ability, crafty finishing, versatile shooting, and playmaking skills make him a significant asset to any team. Coaches should take note of his abilities and consider him as a valuable addition to their program.

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