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Name: Hiram Balthazar

Twitter: @Hiramjr_B Sport: Men's Basketball

Position: PG/SG

Grad Year: 2024

GPA: 3.3

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 155lbs


PPG: 24.3

APG: 2.3

RPG: 7.6

Film and Contact Information:


Highlights: Watch Here


Hiram Balthazar Jr. is an incredibly talented basketball player with a wide range of skills that make him a force to be reckoned with on the court. He excels in several areas, displaying a well-rounded game that contributes to his team's success.

Scoring From All 3 Levels: Hiram's ability to consistently score from all three levels of the court sets him apart. Whether it's knocking down long-range shots from beyond the arc, hitting mid-range jumpers, or attacking the rim with a strong finishing ability, he showcases a diverse scoring arsenal that keeps defenders on their toes.

Incredible Defender with a Knack for Creating Turnovers: One of Hiram's standout strengths is his remarkable defensive ability. He possesses a natural instinct for disrupting opponents and forcing turnovers. His quick hands, anticipation, and active defense consistently lead to steals and deflections. His defensive presence is always felt, adding substantial value to his team's performance.

Ball Handling: Hiram's exceptional ball handling skills allow him to navigate through defenders with precision and control. He demonstrates great dexterity and a tight handle, allowing him to create opportunities off the dribble and break down opposing defenses. His ability to create his own shot and distribute the ball effectively make him a versatile offensive threat.

Quickness: Hiram's quickness on the court is impressive. He possesses explosive speed and agility, enabling him to blow past defenders and create scoring opportunities. His lightning-fast first step and ability to change direction swiftly make him a nightmare for opponents to guard.

Basketball IQ: Hiram displays a high basketball IQ, which is evident in his decision-making and understanding of the game. He possesses excellent court vision, making accurate passes and smart decisions in high-pressure situations. He consistently makes the right reads, whether it's finding an open teammate or taking the right shot at the optimal moment.

Overall, Hiram Balthazar Jr. embodies the qualities of a well-rounded and highly skilled basketball player. His scoring ability from all three levels, exceptional defensive skills, ball handling, quickness, and basketball IQ make him a valuable asset to any team. With his presence on the court, Hiram consistently contributes to his team's success and has the potential to make a significant impact in any game situation.

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