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Name: Dylan Swindle

Twitter: @dy1answind1e

Sport: Women's Basketball

Position: PG/SG

Class: 2025

GPA: 4.0

Height: 5'7"



PPG: 15.1

3P%: 40.0

FT: 89%

FG%: 49.5

STL: 2.4

APG: 6

RPG: 4


Finishing Around the Rim and Drawing Contact: Dylan Swindle excels in finishing around the rim, showcasing remarkable finesse and strength to score even in the face of defensive pressure. Her ability to absorb contact and still convert plays adds a significant dimension to her scoring prowess.

Shooting: Swindle possesses a smooth shooting stroke, with excellent accuracy from both mid-range and beyond the arc. Her consistency and reliability as a shooter make her a constant threat on offense, forcing defenders to respect her range.

Range: Swindle's shooting range extends well beyond the three-point line, allowing her to stretch defenses and open up scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates. Her ability to knock down shots from long range adds versatility to her offensive game.

Ball Handling: Dylan's ball-handling skills are top-notch, enabling her to navigate through traffic and create scoring opportunities off the dribble. Her tight handle and quick moves make her difficult to defend, as she can drive to the basket or pull up for jumpers with ease.

Movement Without the Ball: Swindle's off-ball movement is exceptional, constantly finding openings in the defense and creating scoring chances for herself. Her ability to cut to the basket, set screens, and relocate for open shots adds dynamism to her team's offense.

Passing: Dylan is an adept passer, with excellent court vision and the ability to find open teammates in scoring positions. Her willingness to distribute the ball and make the extra pass enhances her team's offensive flow and creates opportunities for her teammates to score.

Creating Turnovers: Swindle's defensive prowess extends beyond scoring, as she possesses a knack for creating turnovers and disrupting opposing offenses. Her active hands and anticipation lead to steals and deflections, often igniting fast-break opportunities for her team.

Shooting Percentage and Consistency: With an impressive shooting percentage and consistent performance throughout games, Swindle demonstrates her efficiency and reliability as a scorer. Her ability to maintain high shooting percentages reflects her skill and discipline on the court.

High Academic Student: In addition to her on-court abilities, Dylan maintains a stellar academic record, boasting a perfect 4.0 GPA. Her dedication to her studies underscores her discipline, work ethic, and ability to balance the demands of athletics and academics.

Overall, Dylan Swindle is a versatile and skilled guard whose combination of scoring ability, ball-handling skills, defensive prowess, and academic excellence make her a valuable asset to any team. Her consistent performance and high basketball IQ position her as a standout player with the potential to excel both on and off the court.

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