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Name: Connor Teasley

Twitter: @Connorteasley11

Sport: Men's Basketball

Position: Combo Guard

Grad Year: 2025

GPA: 3.7

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 161 lbs

ACT or SAT Score: 980



Points per game: 21

Rebounds per game: 7

Assists per game: 3


Athleticism: Connor's athleticism is a standout feature of his game, evident in his ability to block shots and execute dunks at the guard position. His athleticism allows him to play above the rim, providing an additional scoring threat and defensive presence for his team.

Height: Standing at 6'3"", Connor possesses excellent height for a guard, giving him an advantage in rebounding, defending taller opponents, and seeing over defenders on offense. His height allows him to be a versatile player capable of contributing in various aspects of the game.

Defensive Pest: He is a pest on defense, utilizing his quickness and anticipation to come up with steals and ignite fast-break opportunities for his team. Connor's defensive prowess disrupts opponents' offensive rhythm and creates scoring opportunities for his team in transition.

Finishing Ability: Connor demonstrates impressive finishing ability through traffic and showcases a soft touch around the rim. He is adept at navigating through defenders and finishing plays, even in challenging situations. His ability to convert difficult shots near the basket adds value to his team's offensive arsenal.

Basketball IQ: He exhibits a high basketball IQ, making smart decisions on both ends of the floor. Connor reads the game well, anticipates plays, and adjusts his positioning accordingly to capitalize on opportunities. His basketball IQ contributes to his overall effectiveness as a player.

Passing: Connor possesses solid passing skills, capable of finding open teammates and setting up scoring opportunities. His ability to distribute the ball effectively adds another dimension to his game and enhances his team's offensive flow.

Overall Assessment: Connor Teasley is an athletic and versatile guard with a diverse skill set that makes him a valuable asset on both ends of the court. His combination of athleticism, height, defensive tenacity, finishing ability, basketball IQ, and passing skills positions him as a dynamic player capable of impacting games in multiple ways. With his talents and work ethic, Connor has the potential to excel at the collegiate level and contribute significantly to his team's success.

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