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Name: Brooklyn Swindle

Twitter: @brook1ynswind1e

Sport: Men's Basketball

Position: PG/SG

Eligibility Remaining: 4 Years

GPA: 2.5

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 185 lbs



PPG: 17

APG: 2.5

RPG: 6.7


Scoring from all 3 levels: Swindle showcases the ability to score efficiently from all areas of the court. His diverse scoring arsenal includes a smooth mid-range jumper, crafty drives to the basket, and a reliable three-point shot. This versatility makes him a constant scoring threat and a player defenses must respect at all times.

Ball handling: Swindle possesses excellent ball-handling skills, allowing him to navigate through defenders and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. His tight dribble moves and ability to change direction quickly enable him to penetrate into the paint and make plays off the dribble.

Passing: Swindle demonstrates strong court vision and passing ability, making him an effective playmaker. He consistently makes accurate passes to open teammates, whether it's delivering crisp assists in transition or finding the open man in half-court sets. His unselfishness and willingness to distribute the ball contribute to the overall success of his team's offense.

Rebounding at the guard position: Despite playing as a guard, Swindle exhibits a knack for rebounding, particularly on the defensive end. His size and athleticism allow him to effectively box out opponents and secure crucial rebounds, helping his team gain possession and transition quickly into offense.

Height and size: Standing at 6'3" and weighing 185 lbs, Swindle possesses ideal size for the guard position. His combination of height and strength enables him to match up well against opponents defensively and provides versatility in his offensive game.

Basketball IQ: Swindle demonstrates a high basketball IQ, making smart decisions on both ends of the floor. He exhibits an understanding of spacing, timing, and defensive rotations, allowing him to excel in various facets of the game. His ability to read defenses and anticipate plays contributes to his effectiveness as a player.

Work ethic: Swindle's work ethic is evident in his dedication to improving his game. He consistently puts in the effort in practice, conditioning, and skill development, striving to reach his full potential as a player. His commitment to excellence both on and off the court sets a positive example for his teammates and reflects his passion for the game.

Overall, Brooklyn Swindle is a talented and well-rounded basketball player who brings a combination of scoring, playmaking, and defensive prowess to the court. With his skill set, basketball IQ, and strong work ethic, he has the potential to make a significant impact at the collegiate level.

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